Vet Village


Vet Village

VetVillageAK. is a cooperative community based on the "Housing First" model. This is permanent, supportive housing for Veterans, some with families. Residents are required to make a contribution to their housing cost, most required to work at jobs provided by our partners,or attend classes, while those unable to work offsite will be provided employment at the Village.

Accommodation and encouragement to reintegrate and to overcome substance abuse issues are all part of the program. Three meals a day are provided, with the kitchen being one of the sources of onsite employment. Our commercial nursery, greenhouse, and village maintenance of property and equipment also provides jobs. In addition, a number of businesses have agreed to locate on site. Self sufficiency, self reliance, and the atmosphere of a permanent community with Veteran camaraderie are our goals. 

You can view an aerial video of the site by clicking here



Looking SouthWest from Hiland Road.

It includes the Power Utility Right-of-Way.


Same view with the Municipal

Waste Site on the right.


Glenn Highway/Hiland Drive Exit. Access point to

Vet Village AK from Hiland Drive.


Same view with

Glenn Highway on the right.


Looking East.

Municipal Waste Site across Glenn Highway.


Looking SouthWest. View of Glenn Highway

exit to Hiland Road.