The Alaska AJAX Project:


Building Resilient Arctic Warrior s & Families

A timeless tale of a warrior’s destruction when faced with injustice & dishonor in combat and the impact his suicide has on his family, fellow warriors & community


The Veteran’s difficult journey home from combat is a timeless issue.

As far back as 1200 BCE, the Greeks wrote extensively about the trauma of combat and its persistent effects on Veterans years after combat (The Iliad & The Odyssey). 

800 years later, Veteran suffering continued unabated – all too often ending in suicide.

Sophocles, a Greek General, realized he had to help his Soldiers shake off the traumatic effects of combat they were experiencing. He did not want them to suffer the way he had.  He wrote the play Ajax to pull them together to theatrically demonstrate the suffering of a Veteran and the effects of suicide on the family, fellow warriors and the wider Greek  community.  In those days the audience would interact with the performers and group discussions would start and then the recovery would begin.



The Alaska Veterans Foundation in partnership with the Arctic Resource Center for Suicide Prevention and the Fairbanks Shakespeare Theater, is committed to proactively end military & Veteran suicide in Alaska.



Epic Warrior Training is a modern resiliency program, led by Veterans and qualified counselors.

We conduct dramatic presentations and reading/discussion groups, using the classics.

Facing the trauma of war through the distance of classical warfare, gives the Veteran a safe space to openly discuss and objectively consider their modern combat experience with warriors in antiquity.

In this way, we help Veterans find their path home and empower them to live and thrive with their families and in their communities.