dedicated to ending veteran homelessness in Alaska. providing suicide PREVENTION education, building CAMARADERIE, and a stronger community.


Vet Village Alaska Program

How many homeless veterans are there in Alaska? The honest answer is we really don’t know. Our best indicator are the twice a year ‘point-in-time-counts’ where we go into the camps and try to get all homeless to the convention center for services et al. For some time we have found that there are about 80 to 90 homeless veterans each time.

So, the question is do we continue to pay out about $100,000 a year per homeless person over their tragic brief lives or do we do something that has been proven to dramatically reduce this consistent public cost – and do it now? Read More

Vet Village Alaska Program

Why should you join us?

If you care about our veterans and their families, either in service or out, it is the communities they live in that embrace them – that begin the healing of war.

It is the embrace of our families and our communities that helps more than anything else in healing the wounds of war.

Alaska is known as a special place, where veterans and service members and their families are welcomed and embraced. VetVillageAK is an expression of that embrace.

How do we know this?

When Vietnam veterans came home they were not embraced either by our nation nor our communities in most of America. This was a deep national error. Many American’s didn’t understand that there is a difference between the war and the warrior. The warrior doesn’t choose the war, our Members of Congress and our President do that – and thus so do the voters.

We, the warriors, volunteer to stand guard for America. That is who we are. But when our nation places blame on us for the failures of our nation’s leaders, then things go wrong.

The Alaska Veterans Foundation, Inc

Since its inception has been about embracing our American heroes. We step up to help when others will not. Why? Because we are veterans and we know how hard it can be for some to leave a combat assignment and re-enter our civil society.

So, if you care about those who volunteer to stand guard for America, join us. Offer to help a veteran and their family in their time of need. There are so few of them compared to our nations citizens – and without them we would not have our freedoms – none of them.

Our commitment to end veteran homelessness is the result of years of work in understanding this problem and what actually works in bringing them back.


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